Telling Stories Using Data


As founder and CEO of software company Vinformatix, Padma Vatsavai brings 25 years of experience to a relatively untapped software development industry in Baton Rouge. Designing custom web and mobile applications for companies big and small, Vinformatix seeks to create forward- thinking and intuitive solutions to every client’s unique needs.

“We tell stories using data,” she said. “Vinformatix leverages data analytics and business intelligence techniques to transform this data into meaningful sites to assist our clients in fostering an environment of data-driven decision making.”

Moving to Baton Rouge in 1999 from Cleveland after receiving a master’s degree in computer science from Cleveland State University, Vatsavai started Vinformatix in 2008 with the goal of changing the tech landscape, starting at the smallest level. The company emerged from LSU Innovation Park.

Vatsavai currently lives in Baton Rouge with her physician husband and their three children, a son at Baton Rouge High School and two daughters, one an LSU alum and another attending school in Berkley, California.

Taking a pay cut with little initial opportunities in Baton Rouge, she is determined to change the stigma she has perceived of Baton Rouge as behind the times in the tech sphere, hoping to become a competitive employer in the area’s growing tech sector that takes pride in delivering quality services.

“That is really what led me to start a business, to just have more businesses, help recruit talent that’s available in Baton Rouge, to help boost our local economy, to help any way possible to change perception,” she said.

Vatsavai is also working to get federal dollars into Baton Rouge to boost the economy. Currently, Vinformatix holds three federal contracts, and Vatsavai hopes this will help grow the company and the city’s footprint in the federal marketplace. “I’m driven to help the community, to elevate the community, to advance the community by providing opportunities to the talent that’s available here.”