Filling Gaps Within the Healthcare Workforce


With more than 20 years in the field of healthcare under her belt and 10 years managing her own outpatient clinic, Evon Roquemore has recently sought to use her clinic (Brightside or simply Bright) and expertise to solve issues and fill gaps within the local healthcare workforce.

While running multiple outpatient clinics across Livingston and Washington Parishes, her newest effort seeks to solve issues of waste, fraud and abuse within the healthcare system by providing Bright’s proprietary healthcare software to other providers to maximize their performance. “That’s what makes us unique,” she said. “We can either do it for you or we can show you how.”

Roquemore also mentioned that Bright is looking to launch new software in the coming months that will help enhance the services they provide to healthcare networks. “We aim to solve healthcare workforce gaps through employee education and training using our training platform, which is called Bright University,” she said. Bright also offers the Bright Fellowship program, which is partnered with LSU and Southern University to provide 18 months of employee placement support for students with an interest in the field of mental health.

“Our overall goal at an enterprise level is to get people to understand the face of mental health and we have taken our experience over the last 20 years and are able to establish a standard,” she said. “We really do believe we have found the right method of providing treatment while also not compromising or contributing to healthcare worker burnout.”

The future looks bright for Roquemore and Bright, which is projected to become a $10 million company within 24 months.